ADULTING (Hashtag Adulting) is a site-specific interactive art installation that creates a virtual world in a real space for audiences to experience one of the most popular hashtags of the present time, #adulting. It projects both real-time and collected content from social media that is determined by the hashtag Upon entering the house, the darknessContinue reading “#Adulting”

The Toilet

The Toilet is a site-specific interactive art installation inspired by the concept of time used in the restroom- specifically, the toilet room. This funny idea of how much time we spend in the restroom depends on what we are doing in it, such as urinating, defecating, or getting ready. Using a toilet is one of ourContinue reading “The Toilet”

In the White Room

In the White Room เล่นรูป is an art installation exploring the possibilities of visualizing shapes and forms through human perception. Selected objects and customized symbolic forms are created in white color with attached Velcro on them; thus, these objects can stick together. The visitors are welcome to experiment and create new formations.