Open Plan Collective Open Plan Collective (OPC) is an LA-based art collective that creates immersive art installations, interactive media events, and live performances. OPC supports local and international artists and creative professionals. We praise new connections and inclusivity. OPC is founded by Tuang T and Jonathan Fletcher Moore, with support from their communities and new media artistContinue reading “Open Plan Collective”

Social Media without the Internet

Social Media without the Internet is a project consists of the interactive wearable and performance art, created to examine human’s sense of touch and their notion of contemporary interacting methods of the popular social media platforms. The two aspects, the wearable and the live performance, were created to invigorate and inform each other. The interactive partContinue reading “Social Media without the Internet”


ADULTING (Hashtag Adulting) is a site-specific interactive art installation that creates a virtual world in a real space for audiences to experience one of the most popular hashtags of the present time, #adulting. It projects both real-time and collected content from social media that is determined by the hashtag Upon entering the house, the darknessContinue reading “#Adulting”

Mounted Trophy

The Mounted Trophy collection is inspired and developed further from the My Diary project; it is inspired by the good memories of when toys are a part of our lives, that period of time when these objects are precious and alive to us. As time passes, they seem to be easily abandoned. They have no value, and become lifeless toContinue reading “Mounted Trophy”

Guise Collection

Guise #1 A video posted by Tuang Studio (@tuangstudio) on Apr 19, 2016 at 6:41am PDT Guise #2 View this post on Instagram Title : Guise Technique : Electronic circuit and found objects Gene: Interactive Art Year: 2014 #Zinc #ZincCan #Artwork #Artportfolio #interactiveart #PutyourheadOn #Mask #Guise #socialMask #LED #Artstudio #LetsDance #DancewithMe #Toys #secondhand #recycle #UpcycleContinue reading “Guise Collection”

Housey Compilation

Housey, The house shoes, had a chance to travel to many art galleries in a night. more info >click<

The Toilet

The Toilet is a site-specific interactive art installation inspired by the concept of time used in the restroom- specifically, the toilet room. This funny idea of how much time we spend in the restroom depends on what we are doing in it, such as urinating, defecating, or getting ready. Using a toilet is one of ourContinue reading “The Toilet”

Tv’s Story

TV’s Story is one of the interactive installation artworks in the series ‘Interactive House Objects’. It revolves around the recollections of a television’s thoughts on the surroundings and people who spend their days staring at her as she’s moved around the house from one corner to another. The audience will get to know her, as wellContinue reading “Tv’s Story”

The Living Room (Prototype)

In the beginning, all of the artworks was first created as individual art pieces, featured in the project called, “Interactive House Objects.” Some of them can infiltrate into the event that occurs, like the Housey, one of The Shoes Collection. But, after I have finished the “TV and a Couch”, my first physical interactive art, I have realized how method of presenting artistic work is as important as creating the artwork itself. I then created a mock-up room to show how the artworks can be together as one installation, or as an art exhibition and named it “The Living Room.”

Fan Series

Fan series is conceptualized from observations of how humans use things in daily life. The fan was chosen as a subject because it is such a common a household object that can be found in every Thai residence. People use it as an important part of their lives without noticing its existence. A fan isContinue reading “Fan Series”

Truck Slot Surprise

Truck Slot Surprise, an award-winning project of the Mixed Media Art Competition “Read for Life” in 2013, consists of a slot machine of words that challenges people to create a quick, catchy quote from random words they receive. The prototype uses a simple motor and mechanism to make it function like a slot machine that generates random results.Continue reading “Truck Slot Surprise”

My Diary

My Diary is a project about vague, misleading, and doubtful social media status posts. At least once or more, we might wonder if that status on Facebook or Twitter our friend posted is talking about us. Many times, some of we ordinary Internet users may wonder what people think of our selfies and captions. We mayContinue reading “My Diary”