Open Plan Collective Open Plan Collective (OPC) is an LA-based art collective that creates immersive art installations, interactive media events, and live performances. OPC supports local and international artists and creative professionals. We praise new connections and inclusivity. OPC is founded by Tuang T and Jonathan Fletcher Moore, with support from their communities and new media artistContinue reading “Open Plan Collective”

Social Media without the Internet

DP: Justin RichardsProduction Assistant: Chayanit SomsukCasts: Chayanit Somsuk, Chris Kim, and Karina Lopez Social Media without the Internet is a project consists of the interactive wearable and performance art, created to examine human’s sense of touch and their notion of contemporary interacting methods of the popular social media platforms. The two aspects, the wearable and theContinue reading “Social Media without the Internet”

DMA-PSG Exhibition and Workshop on Interactive Art

This program is a successful pilot exchange program between two institutions, found and organized by their students. It was first created by Tuangkamol Thongborisute, and later co-organized by Lee Tusman. The program’s coordinator was Dr. Toeingam Guptabutra, a faculty member from the Mixed Media Department at Silpakorn University. Without her assistance, the program would not have come to fruitionContinue reading “DMA-PSG Exhibition and Workshop on Interactive Art”

Truck Slot Surprise

Truck Slot Surprise, an award-winning project of the Mixed Media Art Competition “Read for Life” in 2013, consists of a slot machine of words that challenges people to create a quick, catchy quote from random words they receive. The prototype uses a simple motor and mechanism to make it function like a slot machine that generates random results.Continue reading “Truck Slot Surprise”

Thailand Paper doll

Thailand Paper Doll allows people to dress up a map of Thailand using various paper clothes and accessories. Representing how Thailand is such a fashion-conscious place, the project features a popular red shirt, yellow shirt, white shirt, ballistic vest, and several other colored shirts. Participants can also follow the life jacket trend, pairing a lifeContinue reading “Thailand Paper doll”