Truck Slot Surprise


“Truck Slot Surprise” is an art work which invite people to challenge themselves to create a sentence from the words they got. The artwork has an electronic system and use some easy kinetic idea to make a slot machine function, allows people to push the red button and wait for the result. In the tray, there are many stickers look the same as in the slot machine so the participants can find their words and use them to create any kind of sentence, phrase or expression.

This artwork created an activity for people to use their experiences, ideas, knowledge and creativity to interact with the piece. It show the experiences and backgrounds of each participants and also implicitly show the important of ‘reading’.

The artwork was awarded the first prize in Mixed Media Art Competition ” Read for Life”, arranged by Art4D magazine and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. It was exhibited at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) and in many Thai schools around Bangkok.