The Shoes Collection


The Shoe Collection was originally an educational project designed for studying electronics and gears. However, its mobility and responsiveness to human nature later inspired further designs that embedded these features into one of the most common household objects, our shoes. Shoes are inanimate objects. Yet each and every pair of our shoes has been through journeys, the journeys powered by minds and muscles of us human beings. This work took a further step to imagine shoes as living entities that might move, behave and have characters according to their looks.



After working on My Diary series, which increased my understanding on making moving functions, the curiousness about electronic hardware and circuit boards just came to me.

The Shoes Collection has ten pairs of shoes, and was divided into two categories of study: Infrared emitter circuit, and gears movement.

Also, the design of each pairs inspired their own special functions, such as the high heels that will never fall down from any high surface, and The boots that have little sneak monster dolls inside.

However, not every pair has been shown in the exhibition, only the shoes that are durable and of high quality, which the house shoes, kid shoes, and sneakers have been exhibited in many shows.



watch video! One of The Shoes was visiting art galleries.

watch video! The Shoes at The Living Room