The Flyby of Comets (Brooklyn 2019)

The Flyby of Comets is an exhibit of new-media art and live performance that talks about the lives of young creative ‘aliens’ in America.

An international group of Asian New Media artists is just such a set of explorers, who grew up immersed in American culture. This exhibition celebrates the daring decisions from children of the internet age who chose to strike out and follow their dreams on a global stage, inspired by Hollywood narratives abounding with plucky chancers, turned heroes who achieve marvelous things against the odds.

Finding themselves living as an in-between by the cultural status quo and the art establishment of their homelands, this group of creative international millennials was forced to choose between alienation where they were from, or here, in their adopted home of The United States. The exhibition provides a tongue in cheek exploration of how technology and shifting cultural norms have created a dramatic schism between the lives of these young creative professionals.

Read more:

Manager Online July 20, 2019

Arspiration July 20, 2019 EN

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