Talking to a Fan

Talking into a fan is fun and nonsense, but for a lonely fan that childish action may bring some cheer.


Title : Close to You
Technique : Interactive Installation Art
Medium : Old flash lights, a fan, and electronic components
Year : 2014

Description : Close to You is one of the artwork in ‘The Fan Collection’. This work’s inspiration came from the observation of how humans use things in daily life. This work capture an activity most people did when they were children, which is to speak into a fan to change the sound of their voices.

The fan has been picked up as a subject because it is a household objects that can be found on every Thai residence. People use it as part of their life without noticing its existence. A fan is created to provide wind for people and make our lives more comfortable.


The pictures and the videos above are the installation view at the ‘Living Room’ installation room. The Artwork also had been exhibited at the Homemade Art Exhibition at Bakery Terrace restaurant in Bangkok which shows below.