Talk to a Brick Wall

Talk to a Brick Wall is an interactive lighting installation art that welcomes viewers to immerse themselves into an imaginary environment constructed from an unsentimental wall and furniture.

It’s a collaborative work of Tuang T and Warangkana Pras, and facilitated by Tuang Studio.

Using all trashed objects and donated household appliances to illustrate a future society where the world is full of human-made products and rich with artificial intelligence.


Because how we interact with everyday objects reflects our emotions. Think about when you linger in the shower after a breakup or when you’ve slammed a door to announce your anger. The art installation conveys a future society where we can communicate with our household objects that even a brick wall can receive more than just a common order but offer a sympathetic ear.

There becomes a two-way interaction between humans and our surroundings. In the future, those objects will not only have common functions to complete orders but become our emotional supporters.

With this concept, “Talk to a Brick Wall” has embed with multiple distance sensors allowing the viewers to manipulate its lighting colors of the piece.

Background & Design

The artwork is commissioned by KOLOUR in the Park, one of a popular music festival in Thailand that empowers open-minded people from all cultures, and celebrates inclusion, creativity, passion, and contribution. The festival showcases the world’s most forward-thinking and emerging artists; spanning house, techno, indie, R&B, funk, disco and more. The venue welcomes 8,000 attendees and is centered amongst lush rice fields and expansive lakes with an outdoor vibe of no other festival in Thailand.

Talk to a Brick Wall is designed to have a joyful visual either on day or night time. In the day time, with holographic film attached, the installation set has a unique vibrant and shows the interesting customization of curated household objects. These household objects and matters are collected with gratitude for all the objects and matters donated: Pitchaya Dangsupa, Walrop and Montira Torkngun, The Presertpons, The Wongkhaluangs, and Payon Wongapai

Currently, the installation art is developing into the second version as part of the Your Neighbor’s Art Collective, an art collective that collect and produce creative works from trash to create an exhibit in alternative spaces for general audiences and locals outside Bangkok. The piece will become a permanent collection installed at Your Neighbor’s Restaurant and Gallery in Hua-hin, Thailand.

The Interactive Functions

Using programmable LED stripes, the installation are made to be lit up when someone walks in the range between two walls. The distance between the person to the wall and objects are what determine the color of an animated light that run from ground to the top. While walking through the space, the animated light also follows the person from side to side of the panel as well. Because of each panel’s LED stripe are linked separately with individual sensor at the spot where the audience will walk pass, it allows the mentioned playful lighting interaction being able to happen. In addition, If there is no people around in 5 minutes, this attention seeker creation will animate itself in rainbow color to cheer its loneliness away!

Published by Tuang Studio

Interactive artist, experiential designer, and curator

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