Power Tools Augmented Reality


This project’s purpose is to experiment on how to use the functions of a smart phone such as acceleration, rotation, and geolocation. To experience the work, a viewer needs to access a webpage on a smart device. A regular computer can also be used to access the webpage and see how it runs, using Google Chrome and clicking “More tools” -> “developer tools” -> smart devices icon on the top left -> select your device – iPhone7 works best. If there is no iPhone7 option, you can create one using the “custom” option. The resolution of the iPhone7 is 750 x 1334.

HOW TO USE: The location that this project is based on is the fabrication laboratory of the Design Media Art Department of UCLA (FABLAB). You must be in the location to access the website, or enter the password, which is the combination of Department’s latitude and longitude. In this case of this mock-up website, if you are near UCLA, access should already be available.

This example of the project is based on the idea of how to make a simple cut using a table saw and a compound saw. The program tries to simulate how to use the machine by using the actual physical movement used when operating the machine. Therefore, you will have to turn your phone and move your arms how you would if you were using the machines, including the movements for the machines’ adjustment and preparation processes.


First Scene: Finding the Table Saw

The user moves a phone around to find the table saw, which has a red blinking spot on it. The user clicks on the red spot to access the machine.

Scene 2: Preparing the Saw

The user needs to adjust the angle of the blade. In this simulation, the quest is to set it at 45 degrees. To set the blade’s degree, the user needs to rotate the screen clockwise. There is a number that indicates the current angle of the blade, and when it reaches 45, the user can go on to the next scene.


Scene 3: Height Adjustment

Before the user can use the table saw, they should make sure the blade is not too high or too low. Adjusting the blade’s height is similar to adjusting its angle. The user needs to rotate the screen, using a clockwise rotation to move up and counter clockwise rotation to move down.


Scene 4: Cutting

First, the user moves the wall lock by clicking on the red spot. Then they close the cover on the blade. After that, a red rectangle will appear. The user uses a finger to move the red rectangle, which represents a material to be cut, toward the running blade.

Final Scene: Hand-on Compound Saw

There are three steps for this tool’s operation. First, the user needs to put their thumb down on the screen constantly, and then move their phone toward themselves. Secondly, they pull the phone down, and, then finally move the phone back away. These gestures simulate how this real power tool works.


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