My Diary



Many vague statuses have been posted on social media sites, the simulated public spaces of this time. This idea inspired me about the miscellaneous thoughts of people, and made me realize that there are also times that I want to open up about my life to others too. Like in Facebook, these statuses were created just to express someone’s feeling, or being as a diary. Contrary of what the social media is created for; some people claim it is their private places. We can see people posted unreadable, or mysterious statuses on it, and getting likes, comments, and shares. Sometimes, those statuses last for a day and deleted.

These feeling of exposure can be seen more often these days, and can be just half-serious of how we, the readers, are reading those vague status. Like any playful-looking object, people feel comfortable to interact with and touch intensely, but can be easily abandoned.


Instead of writing a diary and sketching a picture in a usual way, I used second-hand toys as my pen and paper. Like a diary, every piece is a page of my memories about people, feelings, and some situations that have happened in my life. I marked a date on them when each creation was finished.

In this project, the circuit-bending skill is used to create the art pieces. The main materials are second-hand toys, and their old functioning parts were used to make their new actions. Some of them were applied with new electronic components, or new mechanisms that created their unique bodies. These toys tell their stories through their scratches, spots, or cracks. Their imperfections are like the human mind in some way. When each pieces is finished, it will be marked a date on.

The process was started from collecting all the toys from many sources, while also creating the art pieces daily. This project has run through 31 days of March in 2012, and has 35 finished pieces. I also discovered that when people have the perception of a toy as playable objects, they are more likely to investigate them besides using only their eyes. The audiences are more likely to interact physically with the pieces.

As far as the presentation goes, I designed it to be an art installation room that allows people to interact and investigate all the artworks freely. It was not as important if people comprehended my story, or shared the same thoughts, but rather their own experience, discretion and perception to interpret each works.

The video playlist above shows some project pieces’ movements.

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