Mounted Trophy (Animal Trophy) 2015 version

The rewards of yesterday

Description : The Mounted Trophy collection is inspired from one of the pieces in My Diary project. The first version in 2014 was about the recycling of second-hand dolls and other objects. However, in this new version The Mounted Trophy has the simple function, to move and interact with people. Most of the parts that created their function are also brought from the old toys and applied to new electronic components and gears. Their functions are created following each designs, and stories of theirs.

The Mounted Trophy is inspired by the good memories when playing with the toys. It was a period of time that these objects are precious and alive. However, when time passed, they are easily abandoned. They have no value, and lifeless to you.=

Unlike the common mounted trophy, aka hunting trophy, the artifact that created to represent the success of the hunt, which turns living creations to death; these artworks turn lifeless objects to be alive.


Mounted Trophy
2nd-hand toys, wood, and electronics

First show in Living Room

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