Mounted Trophy

The Mounted Trophy collection is inspired and developed further from the My Diary project; it is inspired by the good memories of when toys are a part of our lives, that period of time when these objects are precious and alive to us. As time passes, they seem to be easily abandoned. They have no value, and become lifeless to us.

Unlike the common mounted hunting trophy, an artifact created to represent the success of the hunt, which brings living creations to death, these artworks bring lifeless objects to life. These mounted trophies have a simple function: to move and interact with people. Parts in these creations are customized from old toys, and then combined with new electronic components and gears. Their functions are each created following a unique story. The first version, in 2014, was about the recycling of second-hand dolls and other objects. These works are also featured in The Living Room.

—“The rewards of yesterday”—


Published by Tuang Studio

Interactive artist, experiential designer, and curator

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