Melody of Dining

Melody of Dining is an installation featuring a set of dinnerware on a dinner table. Viewers are allowed to sit on the chairs at the table and eat the food, like in a usual dining setting. However, when the dinnerware touches each other or the food, it produces a drum sound.

The piece is inspired by the common custom of table manners, shared by most cultures, of eating quietly. Most people know that playing at the table is socially prohibited; however, doing fun activities at the table can enhance quality time that brings friends and family closer together.

—“Let’s eat loudly”—



The dinnerware is divided into two groups: utensils are the sound transmitters, while the containers, such as bowls and plates, are the receivers.

The artwork is designed to be easy for transporting, and every part is removable. The top of the table is a long plastic board that is pre-wired inside, but has tiny connectors left out on the top surface to plug in the copper plates. The copper plates are placed on top of the tableclothand under the containers, which make them function as electric receivers. Each utensil is wired with tiny connectors onto the plastic board directly.

When the transmitters and receivers contact each other, a drum tune is played. There are 4 transmitter channels and 9 receiver channels that can produce a total of 36 drum tunes. In addition, the circuit board features extra NPN transistors to amplify the electric voltage, so people can hit the food or hold one transmitter in one hand while the other hand touches the receivers to create sound as well.


Featured in this event:

Exhibition Title : Art Communication Network II : Interaction
Date : Dec 12, 2015 – Feb 29, 2016 (Opening Reception:  Dec 12, 2015 at 6pm.)
Place : Purmoe Art Space (Love Art Park), Pattaya, Thailand

Other works featured at Art Communication Network II : Interaction are Bike’s Journey and Tiresome Fan

Published by Tuang Studio

Interactive artist, experiential designer, and curator

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