Leave/Left on Read

This project explores text communication experience in this digital era where instantaneous messaging is expected. This new custom was created by society as a reaction to when people respond to text messages too slowly or not at all. Most of the time, this inattention will turn into a big deal in a dating relationship, while in other relationships, like among family and friends, this lack of timely replying seems much less problematic.

The project collects input by crowdsourcing real messages from the artists’ friends and families. It is a part of the investigation of how people experience both sides of modern-day text communication, in which someone who ignores someone else or vice versa.

The project is divided into two parts. The first part, created by Tuangkamol Thongborisute, displays feelings and reasons why a person chose not to respond back to someone. Another part, created by Reggie Lin –my project partner, shows how

someone feels who has been “left on read,” meaning they can see that their text interlocutor has read their message but not responded, what they think is the reason they have been ignored.

The web app has functions that you can tap on the “send” button to see the ‘Real Read Reason.’ You can also type something on the typing bar, but nothing will appear. Tap on the right side of the screen to proceed to the next chat.

Left On Read Index

Published by Tuang Studio

Interactive artist, experiential designer, and curator

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