The Toilet

Don’t forget your time in the toilet.

Title : The Toilet
Technique : Interactive Installation Art
Year : 2014

Description : The time that people spend in the toilet depends on what they are doing in there, for example, urinating, defecating, and dressing up. Using a toilet is one of our daily life activities. This artwork is playable, like a game, and tends to intervene in people’s private times while they are in the toilet. They may end up lose more time than usual in The Toilet.

Process : Its program is not just only playing the videos randomly, but is a playable artwork, with new physical actions for interacting with the artwork. The arrows, which are the hit targets of the game, are changed to the new graphic of bathroom ware. These new targets, and the artwork’s playing time are designed following the steps of what most people do in the toilet. The participants choose the answers why they are in the toilet for, and have to use the bathroom ware follow what comes up on the screen on the door.