The Toilet

The Toilet is a site-specific interactive art installation inspired by the concept of time used in the restroom- specifically, the toilet room. This funny idea of how much time we spend in the restroom depends on what we are doing in it, such as urinating, defecating, or getting ready. Using a toilet is one of our daily life activities. This artwork is created as a game, and experiments on how to intervene in people’s private time while they are in the bathroom. They may end up lose more time than usual in there.


–“Don’t forget your time in the bathroom”–




Upon entering the bathroom, a viewer is greeted with the question of why they are there. The viewer answers the question by selecting one of five choices. Then the game begins.

Like in a dancing game, the viewer needs to use the toilet utilities by following what item is indicated by the projection on the door. This whole interaction can be very short, or can be long and chaotic. The order of what items comes up and its timing is based on the regular procedure of bathroom usage.



Published by Tuang Studio

Interactive artist, experiential designer, and curator