iCeleb – Live-Selfie Edutainment Application


Why still taking a selfie?

Still-image of yourself is going out of date. It is about to die. We are now entering the era of moving-image, look at the popular Snapchat, Stories of Instagram, and the arrival of the long yearn .gif image in Facebook as the examples. This is the evolutionary selfie form. It is now a time to practice how to present yourself to other in a super impressive way that fit for everyone.

Charming NN is now ready to help you prepare for this huge change of humanity with not any mundane people but, these amazing social-media stars —YouTubers. Knowing how to move and portray your face needs some skill and you can learn it now! Get your identity be presented to the globe as the way you like.

WATCH video of the iCeleb’s first opening event in Los Angeles

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