iCeleb : You. Tube. Me.

It’s time to learn new skill!! Still-images of oneself are going out of date. They are about to die out completely. We are now entering the era of moving-image. Let’s be better with your face!!!

iCeleb is now ready to help you prepare for this huge change in humanity, not with the help of just any average people, but with amazing social-media stars —YouTubers. Knowing how to move and portray your face takes some skill, and you can learn it now! Present your identity to the globe the way you like.

Diversity is important! And iCeleb knows ‘attractiveness’ is subjective. Thus, 9 YouTubers are selected to create diverse options for iCeleb. These YouTubers have the minimum of 4-million subscribers and are various races, genders, and not all English native speakers.

Take a look at ‘Nikkietutorials’ clip for an example of her facial movement! Such a talented face!

Development & Interaction Design

iCeleb is developed after the Face Exercise Machine’s prototype successfully functions after my research of the Internet celebrity. Here is an example of related online articles that inspired iCeleb: The Linguistics of ‘YouTube Voice.’ iCeleb’s software is a collaboration work with YouJin Chung.

The interface design is simple and clean. First, a viewer see pictures of 9 YouTubers to select. After they has selected, the second scene shows up and plays a super-cut video of how the selected YouTuber gesture moves. These facial gesture is what particular YouTuber likes to do or does as a habit, which is based on my research.

On this second scene, the viewer must learn how the celebrity moves their face. There are video control buttons for the viewer to press, i.e. pause, play, fast-forward, and skip buttons.

In the last scene, the viewer has to perform the same facial movement. There will be one short duration of the YouTuber’s face movement plays before the timer runs so the viewer knows what exact move they need to perform.

Finally, the viewer tries to match their face with every second of the facial movement of the YouTuber. There is a score counts in real time and a compliment text also shows up at the bottom. The viewer then can choose to do it again for practicing or return to the home page.


9 YouTubers are selected to create diverse options for iCeleb. These YouTubers are various races, genders, and not all English native speakers. They have over 4 million subscribers and produce their video online different from each other.

YouTubers (Channel name):

Jeffree Star | KSI | PewDiePie | SoftPomzChannel | BB Ki Vines | Shane | Nikkietutorials | Gigi Gorgeous | HolaSoyGerman

Background & Story

Initial Concept


Look at the popular Snapchat, Stories on Instagram, Video Live of Youtube, and the long-awaited arrival of the .GIF animations on Facebook as examples, these are all part of the evolution of the selfie format. It is now time to practice how to present yourself to others in a super impressive way.

In the time of Internet celebrity and entrepreneur culture we are living in, one should learn from the top celebrities how to portray oneself in an online world. iCeleb program is an advanced product for home user from an imaginary company in beauty technology business with their long history that claims to be the leader of the industry.

Charming NN, a legendary company that has been inventing beauty technology for more than a decade, is proud to present their historical exhibition and the newest edutainment application to the public, “iCeleb.”

The application will be presented, along with popular Charming NN historical products and sales ads, in Westwood, Los Angeles. Don’t forget to check out the two interactive works featured at the event, “The Face Exercise Machine” and “iCeleb.”

Read more about the imaginary Charming NN company? >HERE<

Still-images of oneself are going out of date. They are about to die out completely. We are now entering the era of moving-image;

For the very first time, iCeleb will be on view and open to the public to experience and exercise a trendy way to publicize one’s beauty. This new software will help us all to learn from the professionals of presentation on digital moving images, YouTubers.

Some photography in this site are taken by the Design Media | Arts photographer
and they have all the credit and rights of those photography

About the company “Charming NN

Charming NN, originally named Super Noggin, was founded in 1920 with the goal of producing new inventions for humanity. The company first focused on human skulls and head skin. In 1940, the company changed its name, followed by a new aspiration to create products that enhance the look of people

Our company has operated in society through many generations. We provide indispensable technological products and resources for the human appearance. Charming NN runs a unique science laboratory for research in this specific field.

We have invented many amazing products for our consumers. For more than a century, through our creations by researchers and scientists, the company has been expanding the frontiers of knowledge. We have solely devoted our energy and our competencies to one focus: the human appearance, both face and body. Advancements in this arena are rich in meaning, as they enable all individuals to express their personalities, gain self-confidence, and open up to others.

It is not just a matter of beauty, because beauty cannot be defined with one criterion. We cannot justify what beauty is the greatest beauty. Time also changes the way we look at human beauty, and without other qualities in a person, beauty is nothing an external, malleable characteristic.

Therefore, our unique laboratory team enables the company to continually explore new territories and invent the products of the future, while drawing inspiration from norms of charm and beauty from around the world.

With the lead of our new CEO team, we are now moving forward to spread our company’s branches and products internationally. Charming NN is proud to present to you here a brief history of our company and this upcoming product that has not been launched anywhere else!


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