Family Portraits

“We live together.”

Title: Family Portrait
Technique: Interactive Installation Art
Year: 2015

Description : Family Portrait is an installation art, showing photography of common goods in an ordinary house. With the idea that every good has its memories that it has created, or connected to the users, these objects can imply to be like family members in a house, or a friends whose visit us sometimes. They are all telling some stories, but that also depends on how the experiences of each person have with these objects in their life.

The artwork hides a button to print a computer graphic picture in one framed photograph. When people press the button the artwork will randomly print the picture. All pictures are household good, and all these objects are shown in the installation.

Process: This artwork used hacked keyboard to run its function. However, each of the original keyboard’s buttons is set to accept a single press at a time, but it needs to acknowledge a single press as two to function for the artwork. Therefore, I made an electronic board of relays to perform as two switches that press on the same keyboard.


Watch the exhibition review video here.

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