Fan Series

Fan series is conceptualized from observations of how humans use things in daily life. The fan was chosen as a subject because it is such a common a household object that can be found in every Thai residence. People use it as an important part of their lives without noticing its existence. A fan is created to provide the feeling of wind for humans and make our lives more comfortable.

Close to You

Close to You is a fan that demands your attention and that you come very close to it, only to find that there is just a tiny blade working inside.

—“It’s time that you should be the one who come to me”—


Featured in these events:

Talking to the Fan

—“A lonely fan needs friends too”—

Featured in this installation:

Tiresome Fan (พัดลมเบื่อหน้า) is an interactive art piece capturing the funny possibility of a fan not wanting us to receive its cool wind. This artwork was created to have the reverse function of an ordinary fan – to move away whenever someone is in front of it. People may not even notice the movement at first, but after a while they will see that a fan never turns to them. However, if people are standing around the fan, or a person is following it around for a while, the fan will stop its propeller, as there is no space to move away from these humans annoying it, and then will start again if there is no one around it.

—“He is not cool with you”—

more information about this piece: here

Published by Tuang Studio

Interactive artist, experiential designer, and curator