Air Symphony Chairs


“Even your quiet sound can shake my heart.”

Title: Air Symphony Chairs
Technique: Interactive Installation Art
Size: Variable installation
Year: 2015

Description: Air Symphony Chairs is a set of guest chairs that has an old-fashioned style. The inspiration and concept of this artwork is about an unexpected ridiculous circumstance that could happen to anyone in a serious event. But, when those circumstances pass, most of the time, they turn into a thing we laugh to death about.

When someone sits on them, there will be sounds of squeezing air coming out loud. With the action of sitting on the specific object – a chair – the sounds that come out are left to the participants’ imaginations. They never specify what they are.  Each position on the chairs has different pitches. Therefore, if the set have been sitting in ascending scale from lowest to highest pitch, the secret song will be played.

Process: Air Symphony Chairs relies on techniques that developed from TV’s Story in terms of making a chair. The chairs play seven squeezed air sounds when someone sits on it. Each position on the chairs plays different sounds. The squeezed air sounds are tuned to be in different pitches of notes, which are C7, D7, E7, F7, G7, A7, B7, and C8.

If the set is played in ascending scale correctly, the hidden music will be played, and the audiences can still bounce on the chairs to play notes along with the music. About the program, this artwork is coded with HTML5 and JavaScript.

The most difficult part was the process of inserting the entire buttons into the chairs. As they are real vintage chairs and with value, tearing out its cloth and leather may damage them. Hence, the solution was to put all the buttons and wires inside the chairs from the bottom.


Watch the short film >here<

Watch the exhibition opening night video >here<

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