#ADULTING (Hashtag Adulting) is an interactive installation art that creates a virtual world in a real space for audiences to experience one of the most popular hashtags of this time, #adulting.

The hashtag system, a phenomena of social media invention, is not only used to categorize pictures but, nowadays reflects how people of this digital generation organize their contents, express feelings, and interact with the public. This particular hashtag– adulting– which is another creativity from people of the social media, shows the concord of how people, especially generation Y (Millennials) and Z, see their adulthood, life philosophies, and how they actually live their lives. “Adult” as a noun we used to know has a new form as a verb that has many meanings to cogitate from outmost shell to kernel. Since this subject is broad enough for interpretation, every platforms of the social media has their users produce contents relate to it. We can see these through their seriousness, crows, jokes, sarcasms, irrelevant contents, and making-up posts of some daily routines or ordinary life tasks to sounds so special if any parts of those relate to a thing called “responsibility”.

The digital world has echoed an interesting point of how people now live, learn, and ages different from older generations. As a social media user (and one of young people in this topic if you are under 30) you will face the chaotic and the miscellaneous tasks to complete in your life as you are growing up. There is no absolutely right and wrong way to walk through, but some of your friends might find some shortcuts which you also may want to know. There will be several doors for you to open and options for you to select in every corners of your life from making a grocery list to moving in with your partner. The process of learning to be an adult in this new world is confusing. People from different places and sources will try to tell you what to do but there is only you who can control your life.

#ADULTING is a site-specific interactive installation art that projects live social media public contents that has a hashtag adulting determined.

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