The Bike’s Journey

“When I venture into the world.”

Title: The Bike Journey
Technique : Interactive Art
Medium: Old exercise machine, electronic components, and Arduino
Year: 2015

Description: The Bike’s Journey is an interactive art, inspired from the comparison of an outdoor bicycle, and an exercise-machine bicycle, which is a standstill household. This 90’s machine can collects the user’s information, like gender, height, weight, and age to calculate with the exercising result, then shows them on the LCD screen. The old-fashion LCD screen is a part that connects human to a machine by showing what the machine has detected, collated, and its results: such as pulse, strength, speed of pedal, a user’s information, and the calculated information, like burnt calories.

To express the old-fashion machine’s vision, pixel art is what used to mix between today LCD screen and the old style. The main story is based on a cyclist community’s underground race, which is a new event in 21st century.

Watch the exhibition video here!


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