Odd Job (Short Film)

“The greeting sound in a day of a meeting”

Title: Odd Job

Odd Job is created base on the concept and inspiration of the art work, Air Symphony Chairs. The short film expresses the ridiculous moment that could happen in a formal situation.

The juxtapositions of formal and informal, normal and unusual, and intention and incident, which are the original artwork’s implications, are designed as a plot, and details in this short film.

Air Symphony Chairs, the original artwork, is a set of guest chairs that has an old-fashion formal style. When someone sits on any of them, there will be sounds of squeezing air come out loud. With the action when interact with this specific object; sitting on a chair, these sounds are left for the participants’ imaginations. They have never been specify what they are.  Each positions of the chairs are different pitches. Therefore, if the set have been sit in ascending scale from a lowest to a highest pitch: the secret song will be played. The inspiration and concept of this artwork are about an unexpected ridiculous circumstance that could happen to anyone in a serious event. But, when those circumstances passed, most of the time, they turn to be a thing we laugh to death.

Watch the artwork’s review video here

Published by Tuang Studio

Interactive artist, experiential designer, and curator

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