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“My Diary” 


All the experiences that we have, whether they’re good or bad, turn into memories and stay somewhere. They could be inside of us, or in other forms like photography, tickets or our diary. However, these forms may sound too simple for a young artist like Tuangkamol Thongborisute, from the Mixed Media major at Silpakorn University. What does she do to create a unique diary? Let’s learn about her wonderful creations from the artist herself.  



The reason I created “My Diary”  was because I wanted to remember and record stories that have happened in my life in a different way. I wanted to see how I could integrate my thoughts and my vision, which is abstract and blurry in the 4th dimension — time — so I decided to embed my memories into second-hand dolls and toys instead of paper and pens.  



Each of the toys have unique functions and narratives representing my story of the day. I have carefully collected these second-hand objects from various places, including my own collection of toys, and most of the mechanics, like the gears and motors, also came from old toys which I customized for my new creations. There is a date on each of them recording  the day I sewed it with thread or painted it with color. Mostly, I used something that impacted me on a daily basis or some special occasion as a source for “My Diary,” and the making process  resembles how people write their diary; it’s fast, sincere and does not have to be perfect on each line.