Tuangkamol Thongborisute (Tuang, b. 1991, Bangkok) is a new-media artist and art tutor. She interested in human behavior, emotion, and social relationship through technology interaction. Tuang creates artworks with playful quality that allow her audiences to explore surrounding matters, their inner self, and their relationships with others.

Tuang began to learn art at the age of 4, along with music and computer classes for kids. She had joined many art competitions since she was 14 years old until accepted into Silpakorn University under the Prominent Art Student Program. Since her freshman year, Tuang had taught human figurative drawing, art composition, and painting to prospective art and design students at the renown art school named, Art Tutor Academy. she is a professional in drawing, acrylic color, and art composition for painting. Tuang interested in art education and always participates in educational activities. 

In the other hand, Tuang is a new-media artist focusing on interactive art and technology. She believes that although art may not has a substantial benefit but, it definitely can impact on societies and generate a positive energy widely. The observer’s reaction, group’s interaction, and self-interpretation to artworks are somewhat interests her. Tuang creates interactive artwork, usually within the installation forms, to express joyfulness, rhetorical question, and friendly sarcasm of our daily-life contents.

Tuang is currently a MFA candidate at Design Media Arts, UCLA.


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