Tuang T is an interactive artist, experiential designer, and academic art lecturer working with various analog and digital technologies, and customized physical objects to explore human behavior, emotion, and social relationships. Tuang creates works that deliver joyfulness, friendly sarcasm, rhetorical and open-end questions to her audiences. With this playful qualities, her audiences are led to explore the artworks, surrounding matters, their inner self, and their relationships with others to form their own interpretation of the artwork’s message. Her work has been featured in many press and media internationally and exhibited in numerous galleries and museums, such as Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) , MOCA (Bangkok), UCLA’s Game Art Festival, Art Centre Silpakorn University, New Wight Gallery, The Hive, 333 Anywhere, and Speedy Grandma Art Gallery.

Tuang began to take art lessons at the age of 4 along with music and computer classes, and had begun winning numerous art competitions at 14 years old. In 2009, Silpakorn University then accepted her into the university under the Prominent Art Student Program. Tuang first started teaching classical art to prospective art and design high-school students at Art Tutor Academy, the renowned art school, in early 2010 until late 2013.

While she was teaching conventional art, her interests turned to interactive art. Tuang began as a self-taught programmer, and started producing interactive art pieces and installations in late 2011. Later, she received the King Bhumibol’s Scholarship, and General Prem Tinsulanonda‘s Scholarship. She graduated from Silpakorn University with the first-class honor (Golden Medal) in 2014. She continues to teach art to kids and general people as well as gives lecture, and has organized many events on art education and various interesting topic about creativities.

After working as an artist and having various shows in Bangkok, Tuang pursued her MFA at UCLA in Design Media Arts Program where she also worked as a teaching assistant, and a researcher. She has organized a joint residency program for new-media art students at two institutions: UCLA and Silpakorn, started since August 2017 called, DMA-PSG Exhibition and Workshops Program. At UCLA, Tuang’s research involves the issues of the Internet culture and celebrities, social media, and human’s perception of things on the intertwine of digitality and physicality. Her work, “Social Media without the Internet,” has become popular among the maker community’s press and social media. The art piece and performance had been featured in multiple presses and media outlets of the community.

In 2019, She found Open Plan Collective –an art collective that focuses on interactive installation and experiential art event, with her artist friends in LA. The collective opens to collaborate with creative professions across the border of discipline and stands as the supportive new-media art community for everyone. Later during the Covid-19 pandemic, she has teamed up with Thai artists under the name of “Your Neighbor’s Art Collective” (YNAC) to research and work together focusing on the environmental issues