Interactive Art

Various forms of artworks designed for the viewer’s participations and aim to encourage them to explore and interpret the works as well as investigate their inner-self and surrounding matters while interact with the pieces.

Talk to a Brick Wall

— Lighting Interactive Installation Art —

Listen to Color

— Moving Images & Audio Manipulating MIDI — 

Social Media

without The Internet

— Interactive Wearable & Performance Art —

Signal Moods

— Live Twitter Emotional Synthesizer —

Face Exercise Machine

— Facial Movement Arcade Game —

Melody of Dining

— Food, Dining Custom, and Interactivity —

Family Portrait

— Customized Printer’s Function —

Air Symphony Chairs

— Natural Gas Sounds in —

Tiresome Fan

— Reversed Function Fan —

The Bike’s Journey

— Customized Exercise Bike, Video Art and Game —

TV’s Story

— Physical Interactive Household

Objects and Video Art —

Published by Tuang Studio

Interactive artist, experiential designer, and curator