iCeleb Launch Event

iCeleb – Series1. You Tube Me. is an application for home users to learn how to portray themselves for a moving-selfie trend in the near future.

We have launch it out to public for the first time at the grad gallery of the Broad Art Center, UCLA with the opening reception on Febuary 28, 2017. iCeleb is the main star of this event but shown along with our historical products and sale ads of our company.

Charming NN is a company founded in 1920, first named Super Noggin, aimed to produce new inventions for humanity. The company first focused on human skull and head skin. Later the company changed the name followed with a new aspiration to create products that enhance the look of people in 1940.



The company has operated in the society from generation to generation. We provide indispensable technology products and resources for human’s appearance. Charming NN runs an unique science laboratory proficiently serves in this specific research field. We have invented so many amazing products for our consumers. For more than a century, our creation by researchers and scientists, the group has been pushing back the frontiers of knowledge. We have devoted our energy and our competencies solely to one business: human’s appearance — face and body. It is a business rich in meaning, as it enables all individuals to express their personalities, gain self-confidence and open up to others. It is not just about beauty because beauty cannot be defined with one criterion. We cannot justify which beauty is the greatest. Time also changes the way we look at human’s beauty, and without other qualities in a person, beauty is nothing but the husk. Therefore, our unique laboratory team enables the company to continually explore new territories and invent the products of the future, while drawing inspiration from charm rituals the world over.

With the lead of our new CEO team, we are now moving forward to spread our company’s branches and products internationally. Charming NN is proud to present you here: a brief history of our company, and the upcoming product that has not been launched out anywhere else!

Why still taking a selfie?

Still-image of yourself is going out of date. It is about to die. We are now entering the era of moving-image, look at the popular Snapchat, Stories of Instagram, and the arrival of the long yearn .gif image in Facebook as the examples. This is the evolutionary selfie form. It is now a time to practice how to present yourself to other in a super impressive way that fit for everyone.

Charming NN is now ready to help you prepare for this huge change of humanity with not any mundane people but, these amazing social-media stars —YouTubers. Knowing how to move and portray your face needs some skill and you can learn it now! Get your identity be presented to the globe as the way you like.




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upcoming! : Free demo of this product will be available online soon!


About the Face Exercise Machine click here

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