Social Media w/o The Internet

— Interactive Wearable & Performance Art —

Talk to a Brick Wall

— Lighting Interactive Installation Art —

Signal Moods

— Live Twitter Emotional Synthesizer —


— Immersive Realtime Social Media API Installation —


— Youtuber’s Face Comparing Game —

Face Exercise Machine

— Facial Movement Arcade Game —

Listen to Colors

— Moving Images & Audio Manipulating MIDI —

TV’s Story

— Physical Interactive Household Objects and Video Art —

The Bike’s Journey

— Customized Exercise Bike, Video Art and Game —

Melody of Dining

— Food, Dining Custom, and Interactivity —

Tiresome Fan

— Reversed Function Fan —

Power Tools AR

— How-To Use Power Tools —


Through big projects and group work experiences, Tuang Studio is part of many amazing art collective internationally. The studio has connected numerous wonderful mind artists who open for creative collaboration and always welcome fresh or…strange idea.

Open Plan Collective, Los Angeles

YNAC, Bangkok


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